Short-Term Mission Team Training

Short-term mission teams are a major force in modern Christian missions. Each year over one million North Americans cross both language and culture barriers to minister Christ's love around the world.
Destination...Asia Pacific helps short-term mission teams address three important questions:

  1. are the Asian and North American cultures different?
  2. can I make the story of God's love understandable in an Asian context?
  3. PRACTICAL...what practical knowledge and skills will help me travel to Asia with relative ease?

This 12-episode video series provides short-term mission teams with ground-breaking information from the field of intercultural studies in a practical, down-to-earth format. The companion Team Member's Guide allows teams to go beyond the videos and customize their preparation for cross-cultural service.

Regardless of your experience or inexperience with cross-cultural ministry, Destination...Asia Pacific will make you more effective as you serve God in Asia.

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Destination…Asia Pacific: Episode 1

Telling Your Story in a Shinto Context